Vim it up(2)

Back to the history of Vim, it was originally written by Bram Moolenaar based on the source for a port of the Stevie editor to the Amiga. Part of Vim’s power or something that attract me is the extensively customised. It can be able to have many plugins such as YouCompleteMe( that is the one i often use). There are three modes in Vim, normal mode, insert mode and visual mode. normal mode for some operations like deletion and replacing. Basically normal mode is the default mode when first time run Vim and this mode allow us to view contents without worry about changing contents by accidents. Insert mode is obviously for inserting contents to the script. If anyone want to quit insert mode just press Esc. Visual mode is for coping or delete contents for an area of contents. Similarly, pressing Esc can take you back to normal mode. The following screenshot is the home page of Vim.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 13.51.00


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