Linus Torvalds


All right. I know Linux first then this guy. So funny. Because Linux is known for most of computing students.

I think most of computing students are familiar with Linus and most of them are currently using OS with Linux kernel like Ubuntu and Fedora. In a interview, Linus said he used Fedora distribution because of the good support for the PowerPC processor architecture.

The first prototypes of Linux were publicly released later 1991. In this prototype, Linux is just a OS running commands in the terminal. It does not like some modern OS running under graphical desktop environment. When the desktop environment is included in the Linux then the Version 1.0 wax released(on 14, 1994).

There is a app or software called Git, which is founded by Linus. I knew this software a few years ago but I did not know what it is for. This year we are required to launch a group project and the lecture recommends us to use Git in teamwork. So now I know what it is about.


Bill Joy


This is the first post about Biographies. I want to write some people who are greatly distributed in the computing, software industry.

The first person i want to talk about is Bill Joy.

Obviously Bill Joy has been well-known computer software engineer or businessman. Bill Joy was born in Detroit, and received a BSEE in electrical engineering from University of Michigan in 1975. He then moved to California and received a M.S. in Electrical Engineering and computer science from the University of California, Berkeley. When I come to this, I found that there are so many people who distributed great achievements are mostly graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.

When he graduated, while at Berkley he played a central role in the development of Berkeley Unix. In the period of it, he created a Vi editor. In 1983 he founded Sun Microsystems, which is the one of the leading software companies in the US. In the company, he served as CEO and chief researcher for Sun until 2003. There is another contribution when he worked in the Sun Microsystems, which is the development of Java programming language. Bill Joy was not directly developing Java. But he inspired Gosling to develop it. James Gosling worked in Sun but left later years.